China Keywords
"China Keywords" is a platform for analyzing and explaining essential expressions used to describe the developmental theories and pathways, external and internal policies as well as the cultures and philosophies of contemporary China. It provides a useful and innovative way to build bridges between political dialogue systems in China and abroad.

The Belt and Road Initiative 2019

Belt and Road Initiative

Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation

China-Laos Railway

On Governance

Promoting Global Governance Reform

The System of People's Congresses

The Chinese Dream

Ethnic groups and religions

Regional Ethnic Autonomy

Ethnic Unity

Ethnic Equality

13th Five-year Plan

Innovation-driven development

National big data strategy

National strategy of integrated military and civilian development

Streamlining Governance and Devolving Powers

Widespread entrepreneurship and innovation

Lists of Government Powers

Coordinated Development for the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

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